Feature configuration

Open config.xml in notepad or similar to alter the following elements:


true | false

If true, imageVue opens iteself(index.php) in a popup window with urlvars intact if user is on low resolution like 800x600 or lower. Allthough imageVue works fine on 800x600, user might get vertical scrollbar. If you rename index.php, are loading imageVue.swf into another SWF, or even loading imageVue by default into a popup window you will want to set this to false.


true | false

Toggles between showing imagefolder descriptions/attributes on imagefolder menuitem rollover. If set to false, no description is displayed.


true | false

Toggles between displaying the main menu. If set to false, imageVue will jump directly to the first imagefolder in the content directory. Or you can refer a folder directly to the url like: http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?folder=content/artists/carsandcars/

Might come in handy if you want to hide the menu and jump directly to a specified imagefolder, or if you simply only have one imagefolder.



Relative path from index.php to the startimage you want to use for imageVue.


true | false

If set to true, the startimage will allways rest behind as a background to smaller images or thumbnails when in gallery mode. If set to false, the image will be removed after the startpage.

<configstartheading>Showcase gallery</configstartheading>


The default heading for your gallery. Be careful if using special characters that might need to be urlencoded for the XML.


true | false

Toggles the startfx on the opening page.


true | false

Toggles if the main menu should start open or closed(collapsed).


true | false

Toggles the availability of the main controlpanel(navigation). Setting this to false will require either enabling the alternative minmal navigation(configaltnav)or enabling subbuttons(configsubbuttons) or both.


true | false

Toggles the availalbility of minimalistic navigation controls at the bottom bar. Controls both in image mode and in thumbnails mode.


true | false

Toggles the availability of the row of numbers that appears at the bottom as shortcuts for images.


true | false

Toggles if gallery starts in thumb mode or in image mode(First image)


true | false

When true, small text 'THUMBNAILS' follows mouse cursor when hovering over an image in the gallery to emphasize clicking directly on the image to get back to thumbnail mode.


true | false

Toggles the visiblity of an active image when in thumbnail mode. If set to true, an active image will go invisible as thumbnail mode is selected.


true | false | startopen | startopenifopen

Settings for main image descriptions.

true - Allows image descriptions. Allways starts closed when changing image.
false - Image descriptions are not displayed.
startopen - Allways starts a description open on image change.
startopenifopen - Description starts open only if the current description is open on image change event.



Sets the margin for images opened in popup window.


true | false

If set to true, clicking a thumbnail will automatically cause the image to open in a popup window instead of in flash. Remove the popup button if you are setting this to true.


imagename, imageattributes, popupbutton(1=on 0=off)

Toggles which thumbnail helpers to display.


true | false

Decides if descriptions/attributes are displayed nuder the image when opened in a popup window.


true | false

Decides if images which are larger than the imagearea should be set in motion immediately when loaded. NB! Processor demanding and is therefore not recommended.


number (amount)

Decides the speed of motion.


HEX color value

For default texts etc. which are not on top of other objects.


HEX color value

For default backdrops (coming soon)


true | false

Decides if thumbnails should be framed by 1-pixel black border


Extension (ex. php, php4, asp, jsp)

Used in special cases if backend scripts are recreated in another backend or use abnormal extension names.